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With Sydney's Northwest becoming an increasingly popular place to live, there 

are many development opportunities

presenting themselves. 

Zarzar Property is your boutique

agency with the highest of credibility

when it comes to knowledge and

experience of these opportunities.

We can guide you down

the right track.



With the creation of exciting new precincts

and new development areas, specifically in Box Hill North, 

Zarzar Property have exclusive 

access to a range of new, upcoming blocks of land. We also have first-hand experience with land sales in the area

which is why you can trust us

throughout the buying and

selling process.



At Zarzar Property, we take a holistic approach to your needs by handling the whole project marketing from beginning to the end. We prioritise in-depth planning, implementation, and getting results that meet our goals. We also place high importance on achieving the best

visibility for you and your property

to ensure the best result is